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Espresso English Podcast

Jun 29, 2022

Today’s lesson will be a challenging one – we’re going to look at 10 more advanced vocabulary words.

But I’m not going to just tell you what they mean… instead, you’ve got to try to figure out what they mean based on an example sentence.

I’ll show you a sentence with the word and give you three...

Jun 22, 2022

The English language has a lot of silent letters that cause difficulties for both native speakers and English learners, because they make the spelling of words different from their pronunciation.

You don’t want to make embarrassing mistakes by saying these words wrong, so today let’s practice pronouncing some...

Jun 15, 2022

What's today's date? Can you answer quickly in English?

A lot of English learners have doubts about how to say and write dates correctly, and you don’t want to make mistakes with something so common and basic. So let’s make sure you’re doing it the right way, because there are a lot of little details to...

Jun 8, 2022

Do you know what it means to:

  • drop someone a line
  • get your wires crossed
  • or beat around the bush?

These are all examples of idioms that we’re going to learn today!

Idioms and informal expressions like these are used frequently in movies, TV shows, and casual conversations. But a lot of English textbooks don't teach...

May 25, 2022

You already know a LOT of nouns in English, but did you know that there are different types of nouns? That’s what we’ll be learning today!

Make sure to watch to the end of the lesson, because I’m going to clarify a very common confusion between categories of nouns that many English learners have.

There's a lot...